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Our Chronic Disease – Early Intervention service is all about promoting independence at home.

Chronic disease is any medical condition that persists over an extended period and/or might get worse over time.

Our early intervention approach aims to support people with chronic conditions to stay on top of things from the earliest possible stage, making the most of the positive opportunities provided by each day of living, and continuing to live as freely and independently as possible.

Support is given in a coordinated way by a team that includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, dietitians, podiatrists, speech pathologists, and other experts who are able to help improve the quality and enjoyment of daily life.

Services are provided on an individual basis, or sometimes in groups depending on the nature of the activity.

There are even walking groups available to provide the opportunity for regular exercise in a social setting.


This service is available to anyone who may benefit from it.

Group activities and individual sessions are held at our Wodonga and Wangaratta sites, and sometimes at our Myrtleford site.

Home visits may be arranged in some cases as part of our involvement in the District Nursing service.

Contact us for more information.

Visitors to Myrtleford office by appointment only.

Last Update: June 20th, 2022