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According to national and state-wide research plus local data, approximately half of our population is not meeting Australia’s Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines.

Given the negative health and economic consequences of lack of exercise, it is vital to understand the barriers and enablers for physical activity. It is also important to assess the way in which the built environment and infrastructure can encourage physical activity.

We have been conducting Active Living Mapping Projects over the past few years to look at these barriers and how to minimise these.

Gateway Health is working within the Wangaratta and Alpine local government areas to improve how people can be more active from the recommendations of both the Active Living Mapping Projects.

Alpine Local Government Area

In Alpine, Gateway Health is a member of the Active Alpine Group which is focusing on a range of activities to help support local people to be more active. The group includes Alpine Health Service, Alpine Shire Council and Sport North East, and Gateway Health. The group is an outcome of the Central Hume Primary Care Partnership Collaboration.

Currently, the focus from the recommendations includes the promotion of physical activity groups that are affordable or free, supporting walking and cycling path improvements, and supporting community groups to apply for funding for outdoor fitness equipment.

Outdoor fitness equipment for the Alpine Shire assessment

From the Alpine Active Living Mapping Project recommendations, an assessment of outdoor fitness equipment, cost, and the suitable location was performed in the Alpine Shire as one solution to the recommendation of needing more affordable, accessible and inclusive opportunities to be active.

The report of the assessment of outdoor fitness equipment report has been successfully used by a community group to achieve funding for the installation of outdoor fitness equipment. Gateway Health encourages the use of the report to assist community group funding applications.

Wangaratta Local Government Area

Gateway Health has recently completed the 2020-2021 Active Living Mapping Project for Wangaratta and Surrounds.

Future work includes advocating for the incorporation of the final report’s recommendations in the Wangaratta Council Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan. Additionally, the project report may be used to provide background for planning, as well as local information to support funding applications by local organisations and community groups.

Program showcase

A literature review was conducted to identify the barriers and opportunities to physical activity regionally and to help inform the future public health and wellbeing plans.

Coming soon – Tackling Climate Change and Improving Health & Wellbeing with Active Transport

Last Update: November 1st, 2021